Want To Make Your Own Advert?

Calling all budding producers. Ever watched a TV advert and thought, “I can do better?” well the Advert Channel needs you. We are making a new program to be shown in September called, “So you think you can do better?” where we will put your home made commercial on air.

It can be a copy of a well known advert, maybe an old remake of the Shake & Vac commercial, or it could be something more recent or an original commercial for a product you like. Just keep it to less than 1 minute. You can make it with your home video camera and send it in on a CD, File transfer, Dropox etc and we will show the best ones and ask our viewers to vote. If yours is chosen as the best then you will win £250 cash and your advert will be added to our hall of fame.

And who knows, you may even be spotted by a major film producer! To enter send in your tape, your name, address and a little bit about yourself and we will do the rest. Sorry, we cannot return tapes/CD’s or other media so please keep a copy. Please contact us for more details.