LG G2 – Learning from You


Advert: LG G2 – Learning from You
Song: The Triangles – Applejack

The new advert for LG’s new flagship device the LG G2, which is shipping at an alarming rate and is interestingly one of the devices that features no keys on the side and all buttons are on the rear which apparently makes it easier to use.

The background track is called Applejack by Australian band The Triangles. It’s also been used on an Estrella Damm beer advert which you may recognise it from.

Sony Xperia Z1 Advert


Song playing in the background is Lucy Rose – Movin’ On Up for those of you that are interested.

This is the television advert for the new Sony Xperia Z1 which is easily one of the most anticipated phones of 2013. The song works pretty well here and this phone will be on plenty of Christmas lists. It has a really good camera.